About Us


We have a passion for shoes; we firmly believe in the idea that every man should own the perfect pair of shoes that bring out the best in him, which gives him the confidence and the comfort to walk in style. When we went out to buy such a pair of shoes for ourselves, that’s when we realized how hard it was to find something that looked good but was also sturdy and completely comfortable. It has been for this reason that we have been working tirelessly for the past months to bring to you a range of premium shoes with only the finest materials in them. Our selection of cow-leather guarantees quality while our leather insoles ensure that your feet remain cushioned and insulated with every step. Our aim is to bring this comfort and style to everyone in the market. We’re not doing this to reap profits from those who can afford to splurge; we’re doing this to share what we think are the ideal shoes with everyone that has a passion for them.