Signature - a Lifestyle

Pure Leather, Unmatched Finesse, Honest Prices.

Signature is an amalgamation of love for leather goods and creating products that everyone around us can appreciate. Hence, we set out on this amazing journey to create a brand that is here to stay, drawing inspiration from everything around us, from patterns and materials found in nature to the vibrant cultural heritage and contemporary urban style.

A Better Experience
We are committed to invest in the way we create our products, constantly changing how we do things to enhance the quality of customer experience. We want you to enjoy your shoes which is why we intend to create an experience that is seamless, transparent, and puts first our customers. This is the reason that we allow free shipping and also allow you to try on our products when they arrive at your doorstep before you pay. Our team is always here for you.
Here at Signature, we believe in creating products that are long-lasting, practical, and feel as good as they look. We are constantly evolving, watch this space!